Friday, March 9, 2012

Bluebellgray Floral Patterns

It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day over here. I got to walk outside, soak up the sun and take my kids to the park, and played like a kid. Naturally I had florals on the brain. I think I've talked about my love for floral patterns once or twice on this blog. Floral patterns is one of those things that people either love or hate, there seems to be no middle ground.

Bluebellgray is a Scottish textiles company that has truly magical pieces. I love every single thing over there. Their patterns are everything a good floral should be, and do. The colors are brilliant and you can't help but be cheered by them. I hope by the end of this post if you are a floral "hater" you'll be come to the bright side of loving them. :-)

Even though florals are mostly associated with granny style these patterns are very modern, but they retain their easy going vibe.

What are your thoughts on florals? I hope it's a nice and gorgeous day in your corner of the world.

(Images: Bluebellgray)



How glorious, i will be checking them out. I love how stylish their prints are.

Lisa x

Marian said...

This is so cheerful! And there is a naivety about it that is almost childlike, truly refreshing.
I love the pink bleeding ombre style on the cushion on the armchair.
Glam kisses