Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jessica Helgerson Home Tour

I am a HUGE fan of Jessica Helgerson designs! I would love a day to just follow her around, and see how she makes the magic happen! So imagine my excitement when I came across her very home. It is so charming and gorgeous - like it could be anything but gorgeous!

I can't help but gush over this house, from the very adorable porch with the swing, the beautiful tree, and green roof. It is brimming with charm!

You are just gonna have to bear with me, because I have turned into a total design nerd! Oh look at that bookshelf with the ladder, the daybeds, wood floor and all that light!

You might remember this kitchen from this post.

I never tire of such images of al fresco dining in a gorgeous environment like this - under a huge old tree, is a ginormous cherry on top of the cake.

It looks like such a homey home, the perfect kinda house! It looks beautiful and lived in, just like a home should be! Her work always leaves me inspired.

(Images: JHID Photos by:Lincoln Barbour)


Marian said...

It is amazing how effective the color white is and pair that with a lot of light and immediately there is tranquility for days.

I adore alfresco dining and the alfresco culture in itself.

It is really heartwarming how good that table looks out in the sun. SO easy to replicate with simple pops of color from the primary bolts of blue, green, pink, red and orange chairs.

Beautiful home and it looks lived in.

Thanks for sharing.

Glam kisses,

Fatou said...

Your comments are so well thought out and insightful! Thank you!