Friday, March 2, 2012

Spaces I'm Loving

Hey y'all! I'm in a y'all kinda mood tonight. I feel a bit out of it tonight, not quite sure why really. How are you doing? I think my daughter's 1st birthday party we got coming up this weekend might be driving me into my usual anxious mood, while planning a party. I still have a few things to take care of, I decided to do her birthday banner myself and paper flower daisies - it's a ladybug theme :-). Her sister will be helping with the flowers which she is totally excited about.

Elle Interior
That brick wall makes this room so special. I don't know that without that the brick it would be this gorgeous. I can't help but wander around the room a bit. There are so many beautiful details, the lucite table which I'm usually not too crazy for, is so great in this room.

Elle Interior
 I love how bright and casual this room is. The floral print is so exuberant in a way only florals can be.
Coco & Kelly
 I love EVERYTHING about this room, the graphic striped rug, clustered chanderlier, and those wishbone chairs. Talk about wishbone chairs I am really digging them lately.
Anna Spiro
Nobody does patterns like Anna, and this room is phenomenal. It is quick and easy to get it wrong when mixing patterns, but when it's right, it's right!

What have you planned for this weekend? Make it a lovely weekend! I will share some photos of my DIYs - wish me luck.

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Marian said...

Hun hope you are feeling much better and hope the diy for the ladybug party has gone well.
Love u x