Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photographic Pillows

Someting I've noticed here and there and mostly on European blogs is pillows with bold pictures on them. The first time I saw it I was completely intrigued and wondered if I would do it. I have never forgotten it since I saw it, its like seeing something you are drawn to, you can't get it out of your head, but don't know what  you'd do with it.

This is the image that started it all. This from the lovely Helt Enkelt blog.

The pillows by By Nord are by far my favorites of this kind I've seen. I love how powerful and graphic the images are.

By Nord

I really like this one from H&M too. So what are your thoughts on these graphic pillows? Would you add it to your home, or do you already have it? I know you can do custom ones using your own pictures. I think it would be a nice and personal way to use kids pictures to add to your decor.

Have a lovely day!

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Marian said...

I like them and the effect that they create. That first image is wonderful, the decor is so simple but really effective.
Hope Miss Z's party has gone/or is going well!
Glam kiss