Monday, April 2, 2012

Beautiful Black and White: Annaleena Leino

Annaleena Leino is an Interior Stylist who just launched her gorgeous site with her impressive portfolio. I first came across Annaleena's work when a search landed me on her blog, Annaleena's Hem. I was smitten ever since, and I haven't stopped visiting. I feel compelled to share her work, I find it so beautiful in it's discipline. Obviously you have to be completely inspired and love what you work with  to so with such a limited palette. Another great thing about it, is that even though she's only working with two or three colors her work is always fresh and new, it doesn't feel repetitive.


If you are a follower of Annaleena's work, you know that she usually works in black, white, and some natural tones, sometimes. I love color, but I also appreciate a good monochromatic scheme.  I can't say that I can live in a space with just black and white, but I can't help admiring it.


Happy Monday guys! I wish you a very beautiful week.

(Images:Annaleena Leino)

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