Friday, May 4, 2012

Pink Paved Streets

The other day on our way to our favorite Thai restaurant, we parked on this street that I absolutely adore. It is a mixed neighborhood of old and new homes. Lined with old gorgeous trees that have the most amazing colors of pink in the spring. The street was lined with pink blossoms, and I had to stop and just capture that moment. Going through my phone just now, I realize, like most precious photos we take these too will probably just sit in my phone. I did't want that to be their fate. I find them gorgeous and a bit dreamy - I want to share them with you.

How wonderful it would be to have paved streets lined with pink blossoms. I think everyone would have a happier day walking the streets. :-)

(Images: Fatou Bah)


Marian said...

The title of this post made me smile :)
because it would be charming if we could have pink blossom paved streets around the year. It is so pretty.

Fatou said...

What a wonderful world it would be :-). Thanks Marian!