Friday, May 4, 2012

Lonny Magazine

Have you seen the current issue of Lonny Magazine? I was struck by how fresh and modern it felt. I noticed that the spaces featured weren't the typical spring colors. There were a lot of white spaces with natural wood, metals etc. I want to share some of the spaces that caught my eye, and what I'm really liking about them.

Probably one of my favorites in this issue is this gorgeous living room with different design features going on. Loving that navy blue(?) wall, the white sofa, pops of orange and yellow. The blue rug looks so tactile and gives a feeling of movement that naturally grounds the room.

That is the nicest mirror I've seen in the longest time. I really have to find out where one can find this. Or this could be a fun DIY challenge. Hmmm...I have a design idea brewing for my girls bathroom and this mirror, in a bigger size will be perfection with what I'm thinking.

I was picking up on this color combination of white, natural wood and some blacks. I always like this color combination. This achromatic scheme almost always works, especially when you add natural materials and textures like they did here. Notice that basket, how cool is that?

That display above the stove is gorgeous and clever. I imagine though the owners may not cook a lot or they are very careful cooks. :-). I can't imagine having something like this in my kitchen, it will be ruined in a day. Looks wise it works, function, not so much.

My eyes are immediately going to that gorgeous striped rug! I so want a black and white striped rug, but I cannot rationalize having it with two small children. It will be a ruined with food stains, crayons and all kinds of questionable stains in a day. The great thing about stripes is that they wake up a room in an instant. It's a great way to bring a modern touch to a room, plus it never goes out of style.

I know and love a good jewelry display when I see one, and this is one!

Can we talk about black walls for a second? I mean when done right it is so spectacular, and they did it right in this dining room. It is a tricky color and so hard to pull off, I think lighting in the space is key to making it work. I really would like to someday try it in a space of my own, my husband says when we buy a big house, and I have a room that only I will be using. :-).  I am patiently waiting for my good fortune.

What spaces or elements are you liking? Plans for the weekend?  I have a movie date with hubby - a much needed date. I hope to finish school work tomorrow so I can have a whole day of doing whatever I and the kids want.  Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!

(Images: Lonny Magazine)

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