Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Cheer!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a lovely and energizing weekend! Ready for the week? If not I have some images to spring you into this week, and if you are all ready for it, well, then, this is just extra fuel in your tank. I had to share this beautiful, light filled home. It has the right amount of fun and classic pieces.

This Josef Frank fabric is utterly delightful (in my lamest British accent). I truly love it though, I like how it is paired with the gorgeous red bed, and everything else is left neutral.

That buffet is captivating, I can imagine it starting many a conversation. The pop of yellow from the dining chairs is gorgeous, and a great complement to the buffet.

I like the subtle color coordination arrangement of the files and books. It's nice having that lower shelving too, an easy way to access your things.

I saw this bird cage lamp a while back while working on a school project, and I have been lusting after it ever since. I like the use of it in this space, brings a playfulness to this room with all the classic materials.

Another beautiful white kitchen. One of my favorite elements...the grout lines...looks like grey grout, a little thing that makes a substantial impact.  It makes the backsplash stand out in a way that it wouldn't if white were used. A nice technique to implement, who says your grout has to match your tile color!

I hope this was a good jolt to your Monday! Have a very lovely week!

(Images: House to Home)

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant captures. The color contrast is too high and looking good.