Friday, August 3, 2012

Rose and Grey

Oh my! Have I racked up another extensive lust list. Rose and Grey is a British store with a beautiful collection of interior pieces. The store owned by the couple Guy and Lyndsey Goodger, were inspired to set up shop by their passion of interiors and interior design. You can tell that the collection is carefully curated. The pieces are items that caught their eyes from their travels abroad and home.

I'll take that pink vintage luggage please! I like that a vintage piece is given a modern facelift while still staying true to the original design.

So this is really cool, a bed spring used to clip up prints with clothspin.

Union Jack rug, all I can say #olympics. :) Anybody else out there as obsessed with the olympics as I am? I have been glued to the swimming and gymnastics.

I am slightly obsessed with these wall stickers that you can write on with chalk. Especially loving the world map one.                 

I find myself always attracted to shops that were collected purely based on what the owners love as opposed to what "will sell." It makes the collection feel very personal, and you can sense it even if it's in virtual space.

See anything you like? For more eye candy, check out the site here.

Happy Friday all!!!

(Images: Rose and Grey)


Rachel Marie Shutterbugwriter said...

Great stuff! I'm a big fan of those Anglepoise lamps too! Checking out the site soon! Thanks for sharing, you have great taste :)

Fatou said...

Thank you Rachel! :) I'm so glad you like it!