Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lazy Sundays

As far back as I can remember Sundays have always been my favorite day of the week, so much so that I wished for all my kids to be born on a Sunday - one out two not bad. :) I like the easy vibe to it. Of all the days it has that ability to slow people down, it makes people want to take it easy before the work week begins. Whether you have a family gathering every Sunday or you like to wake up and cuddle with a magazine/newspaper/book and a cup of tea or coffee to start your morning. Go out for breakfast with friends, have an insanely large breakfast at home with your family. Whatever you like to do, nothing like a Sunday to relax, get back to what recharges you and get ready for the week. For me Sundays are for no obligations and schedules, just move with the flow. I love huge breakfasts whether its at home or at one of our favorite spots. My kids have come to expect it now. Whatever else we do, whether it's having family over, wandering the streets of Portland, hanging out at a park, taking long walks in the woods, or doing absolutely nothing all day,as long as it allows me to recharge my batteries and get centered then my idea of a Sunday has been fulfilled. With two small children it has definitely gotten more challenging to do latter, sit on the couch and not do anything, but with that comes new ways of enjoying a Sunday :). Nothing like watching my girls playing together and giggling like only little girls can, or screaming with glee from whatever it is that they found funny. I've grown to love baking and with that came new joys. I love how excited they get when they see that silver mixing bowl come out of the cupboard, because they know there is something good coming soon. My 4 year old automatically offers to be my assistant. The look on their little faces when they each get their mixing stick with the cake or cookie mixture on it that they've come to expect. I realize how so many dreams have come true in those moments.

This rustic home in Argentina evokes this perfect Sunday that i speak of. I love how rustic it is and how that has been honored with the decoration. The furniture and decor has that handmade look that adds to the casual vibe of the space.

What is your idea of a perfect Sunday? Do you have any Sunday traditions?

Have a lovely Sunday!

(Image: Marie Claire Maison)

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Simplistichic said...

I on the other hand dont like sundays because the next day I'm back to work!