Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cox and Cox - Fall Collection

Have you noticed the colors for this upcoming season? One that I'm really into is a tint/tone of amethyst. I for some reason have been attracted to amethyst/purple/plum since spring so seeing the same hue in Fall collections simply makes me happy. I've even toyed with the idea of painting our bedroom this color, a tint of it with a grey base, I think will be really cool. Now not sure I'm ready for the commitment, nor the investment of time and energy. 
Now lets get down to business...drool alert!  With Fall right around the corner, I am seeing a lot of beautiful products rolling out, but the stuff from Cox and Cox simply stood out.


I am a firm believer that brilliant styling will take your product or design to the next level. Another thing about Cox and Cox that drew me was how beautifully they styled their products. A successful styling brings the soul to design. I think no matter how beautiful your design is, without the right styling it's hard for people to connect. 

I noticed a lot of wire baskets, storage and sheet metal pieces, and I am really loving them. The utilitarian mixed with feminine prints and colors is gorgeous. 


The palette is so soft and soothing to me. These last images really are what I'm feeling for this Fall. Don't those balls of yarn just make you want to cuddle up and get to knitting?! The color palette is a departure from the usual darker tones that are associated with fall decor and I think this is great. It is already dark outside, you can bring the cozy feel in without surrounding yourself with with darker tones if you don't want to. Don' get me wrong I like the moody colors too, but I think it's nice to have this option as well. You can bring in the warmth and comfort that we seek in the winter months with the textures and materials you use. 

(Images: Cox and Cox)

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