Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beautiful Party Decor

My baby girl Jalika turns 5 in a month, and I am in party planning mode. I love planning my girls birthdays, and this time it's extra special because she has some ideas of what she wants. First, she selected a Hello Kitty theme, she is about Hello Kitty everything! She is also telling me to make sure I invite a number of friends from school, and let me tell ya, the number keeps growing..we'll have to work on that. Yesterday we had our first discussion of which shade of pink cups to go with - my girl :-).  I came across these images from Engel, and I was immediately captivated, and inspired.

This setting is deliciously perfect! From that beautiful cake (love the pattern and visual texture) to the bunting that are made by Sabien Engelenburg. I love that it all started with her wanting to throw a special birthday party for her daughter that she will forever treasures!

I like this idea of laying the buntings around the cake/food table. It would be a fun idea to cut construction paper into circles and scatter them as decoration on the table...hmm I think I have something to go on here.  I was thinking of having some sort of a craft project, and I'm thinking using the cutouts to double as the craft project for the kids. Have some glue, pompoms, glitter and other fun things for the kids to glue on to the cutouts - pretty and functional!

I am a fan of banners especially at kids parties, and I am really liking this idea above...crocheted buntings. I like that you can use Sabien's creations multiple times, in different ways.

(Images: Engel)

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