Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inspiring Interior Spaces

What better to get you over hump day Wednesday than some gorgeous interior spaces?! I have gathered some gorgeous spaces, all with clever designs to inspire you in your own projects. They are all unique, but all so drool worthy...ready?

via Bonnie Tsnag
If interiors had a 5 hour energy pick me up this space will be it for me! Harmony doesnt' only come in soothing spaces, I think this space proves that. Pairing different patterns and colors like this requires a common denominator, and that is the tribal feel each pattern and color elicits here.

via House to Home
This room, though, quieter than the first, it, by no means has less personality. Having a neutral background allows the green chair to really pop and stands as the focal point. Adding the Zebra print rug is also a great way to add interest to the beautiful tile floors. A lesson here is you don't need everything in a room to be be bold and bright if you are not comfortable with that. You can have your neutrals and have one or two pieces to bring in color and pattern to add interest. The colors of the chair that would have been probably a bit on the muted side in the first room, stand out in this neutral space.

Really this one had me at yellow painted table, paired with black and white. I really never can resist that combination. The toile wallpaper is so dynamic, definitely a great room to start your day.

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How adorable and smart is this dining room. The use of top hats as lights is beyond clever, and I think it works especially well, because everything else in the room is serious, making the quirkiness of top hat lights truly shine.

via House to Home
This is a great use of a space that is usually neglected, or assigned to store a bench at best. Having it jeweled up like this, serving as a cozy nook to read or whatever one might feel like is wonderful. Notice the drawing around the clock?

I hope these beautiful rooms add some beauty to your day!

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