Friday, December 14, 2012

IXXI Design Love

Hello Friday! I have been waiting for you all week. Goodness this week has felt like two weeks put together. How was your week? I have a really cool thing to share with you today, a nice treat to get this weekend started!  IXXI Design is a Dutch digital company where users can upload their photos to make really cool collages. You can upload one photo and enlarge to various sizes, or upload multiples.

What a cool idea for vacation pictures! This is a great way to display one of those spots that you visit that are forever etched in your mind. I already have a few pictures I'd like to blow up like this, if only I had the wall place. You can create collages to hang on the wall or hang as a room divider.

I like the idea of using photos from our life, and creating something like this. I've been planning converting one of our bedrooms as a shared bedroom for the girls this summer. I have toyed with the idea of using wallpaper, now I'm thinking how cool would it be to use pictures from our lives blown up to a size of one wall, so cool and personal! I know like me, there are a lot of you out there who are thinking about those cool instagram captions that you could release from the phone into artwork on your wall. I wonder if there is a similar company stateside? Do you guys know?

What fun things do you have planned for this weekend? I'm having two friends, and their girls over tonight, so it will be girls night for mommies, and the lil ones. I'm having my hair braided, so I'm really excited, I desperately need a change. I've been wanting to get shinyed (yup just made up that word) up. I want a body con sequined dress, full make up with sexy red lipstick, I almost never wear lipstick. I'm a nude, or light pink lipgloss kinda girl, but I just want to get glammed up, and go to a grown up place. That my friends is all I want for Christmas. :-) For tonight though, plenty of girl time, with 5 little girls running around screaming and giggling like only girls can.

Have a great weekend!

(Images: IXXI Design)

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