Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Design Details

Tonight, while making dinner, I stood over the kitchen sink after a deep breath, and realized that it was only Tuesday! It feels like it should be Thursday already. Yesterday, I got some bad news about something I was expecting to go one way, and it went the other - talk about a bad way to start a Monday. I've been bummed out since, even though I keep reminding myself something better must be in store then.I came across this beautiful home that got me all perked up. We could all use a burst of color in these cold months of winter, no? This gorgeous Georgian home is bursting with personality, and all the right details.

The art work in this guest room is captivating, talk about a conversation piece. I need to know where one can find it, even if the cost is an arm and a leg.

I love the use of the white and yellow tiles to add interest to the bathroom. It is so simple, yet makes an unforgettable statement.

What stands out to you? How is your week going? I hope you have a great Wednesday!

(Images: Living Etc.)


Nao said...

Hi Fatou, I hope you are feeling better >:D<
bright colors, beautiful things are always a big help for me too, I would add some nice bath after having a bad day and some spicy chocolate, well, from that I should stay away, so only when nothing else help...

Fatou said...

Nao, how are you today? Thank you so much, yesterday was much better, hope today will be even more :). That spicy chocolate sound delicious.