Monday, April 22, 2013

Food: Dietlind Wolf

Believe me when I say, I really try not to post everything of Dietlind Wolf's work that I see on here. Her work never ceases to inspire and amaze me. The woman is a genius! We have to make a deal though, no blaming me if after seeing all these delicious photos, you find yourself looking for some treats to satisfy this food craving out of nowhere. :-)

Even that white paper with the grid pattern looks amazing. Like how does she do that?!

I love this violet series, it feels so old worl,d and romantic. I'm always amazed by her story telling abilities. Each series has a distinct story, and emotion conveyed yet her style is very apparent in each.

(Images via Dietlind Wolf, Concepts: Dietlind Wolf, Photos: Torsten Suedfels)


dietlind wolf said...

this is so wonderful to read, my deep smile wont leave .
just love it!
and to answer your question, i did paint with textile markers and a ruler on white cloth. best dietlind

Fatou said...

Dietlind I am so honored and beyond excited to see a comment from you here. I feel so honored, and utterly pleased that you like it!