Monday, April 22, 2013

Light & Airy

Happy Monday! I hope it's an easy Monday and a lovely week for all of you. I thought to get us started, we shall look at a beautiful home, designed with natural wood, a light color palette, with pops of color and high contrast. I am so behind on homeworks, but I figure maybe getting this out there, I'll have no choice but to get back to it. I'll keep you posted on that. :-)

I am seriously crushing on that mint cabinet. Check out those chunky legs too!

I wish you all a beautiful week!

(Images: Bolig Pluss)


Marian said...

I like how refreshing and soothing the palette is. Like a cool long drink!
All the best on the homework girl.

Fatou said...

Exactly, very calming and not boring at all!