Friday, November 18, 2011

A Love Like This...

I normally keep things like these private, but I'm feeling so lucky, and happy that I have to share, and frankly brag a bit about my lovely husband :-).
I came home from work, I was quickly whisked away for a delicious bubble bath with candles everywhere, my favorite songs playing in the background, and a cute plate of a sampling of chocolates. He took the girls out for a bit, so I can have a quiet moment. I tried to take pictures because that is what I do when something is gorgeous, but the camera was snatched away and I was instructed to relax and indulge. I'd taken a few already even if not great shots, but you get the idea. We picked up a yummy pizza for dinner, I think there is a movie somewhere in the future too.

I leave you with this lovely song by one of my favorite artists - John Legend.

UPDATE: The video I posted won't work - sadly. If you want to see it though you can YouTube it.  The name of the song is I love you love, John Legend. It is a beautiful song.

(All Images by Fatou Bah)

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