Friday, December 2, 2011

Crushing - Caitlin Wilson Textiles

I am really crushing on Caitlin Wilson fabrics today, and wishing I really could sew. I've decided on a new year's resolution, and that is it - to finally learn to sew or re-learn. I had to take sewing classes all through middle school along with cooking, and how to take care of the home...I can't help but laugh as I type this. I guess I was in training to be a good homemaker. I liked the cooking class, hated the sewing. Suddenly I can't help but daydream about a workspace filled with gorgeous textiles, where I'm constantly churning out pillows, curtains, like a little fabric elf. :-)
Okay back to the point of this post, Caitlin Wilson Textiles, and the lady behind it all Caitlin Wilson.

Her fabrics are so sophisticated and fresh. I love her color choices and prints. She is an interior designer, mother, and wife. She is very pretty too, she's just got it all :-). I love seeing successful, talented women - always so inspiring.
I encourage you to take a peek at her site, and check out all her beautiful stuff.

I have a few things to work on this weekend, exciting stuff. I'll be sharing some later. I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

(All images Caitlin Wilson Textiles)

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Marian said...

these are wonderful, particularly juxtaposed.
The last image makes me smile,it is that glamorous