Monday, January 2, 2012

West Elm - New Arrivals

Like many of you my inbox is filled with new arrivals promotions from different stores, and there were only a few I couldn't bear to delete without looking first. West Elm was one of them, and I have quite a list of things from the new arrivals that I am completely loving. I've put them together to share with you.

.1. Beehive Cake Stand; 2. Picnic Flatware Set; 3. Dots and Stripes Bowls and Mugs; 4. Modernist Serving Bowls

That beehive cake stand is just too cute, I'll take that and the cake. I've seen cereal bowls with the same print as the Modernist Serving Bowls, it would be great to get both to mix and match. Perfect for al fresco dining or those spring morning breakfasts.

I've seen the hanging planters around for a little while now, and I am always charmed and tempted to give it a try. Something about it always looks intimidating for me though, for one I kill the unkillable plants so I can't imagine what I could do to these. I think they are so much fun though!

Those baskets aren't really new, as they've had them since mid last year I think. I know I saw them a while back and wanted them, but they eventually sold out. I was looking at them and thinking how cool would it be to hang them from the ceiling? Something like these hanging lamp shades. Maybe in a covered outdoor area?

Really liking the Steven Antonson collection. I like the organic quality of the pieces.

1. Decorative Bowl Wall Art  2. Steven Antonson Collection 3. Steven Antonson Table Lamp

1 & 2. Hand Blocked Cotton Spring Bloom Pillows 3. Urban Garden Duvet 4. Hand-Blocked Lola Quilt

I have to say that all the yellows are making me quite happy, and probably a big reason why I am loving the new stuff. For me nothing says spring like yellow!  Is there anything you are now eyeing too? You can visit West Elm to check out more of the lovely stuff they got in store.

Have a lovely day!

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yafatou said...

Fatou, u have given me so many good ideas and inspiring me to work on projects around the house. Love Yafatou

Fatou said...

Oh yay, that means I'm doing something right :-).