Friday, February 10, 2012

Floral Arrangements

I'll be the first to tell you that arranging flowers isn't my strongest suit. however I do love and can appreciate beautifully arranged flowers. I love having flowers around and usually I just put them in the vase as I got them, because the more I mess with them the worse they get.
Lets check out some expert tips on how to easily make striking arrangements.

Via Style at Home
"Create a pleasing imbalance by placing tall branches in a simple, smaller-size vase." Catherine Therrien
My easily distracted self is all over that rug and stand! :-)
via Style at Home
The use of the dark bowls with the pink bloom makes a striking visual. I love how the flowers are casually laid in bowls to give a more informal feel.

Via Style at Home
Probably my favorite idea, adding flowers to little nooks in your house! What a lovely way to bring special treatment to spaces that can sometimes be neglected and an eye sore.

I feel flowers are one of the best ways to bring instant beauty to a space. They soften and bring joy to a room. Maybe you have a Valentine's Day dinner or something planned this weekend, you could use some of these tricks to bring in some fresh cut flowers. I was going to invite girlfriends over, have a table set up with pink, white and red craft supplies to make cards or something. Have chocolates, yummy cupcakes, snacks, and some fun music in the background, laugh and be silly like only girls can. But I got on me. It has been a go go week, and I have a weekend of homework, so maybe I'll revisit the idea another time.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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Marian said...

Hun my eyes were on that rug and stand too!
The small short vase with long blooms is so effective, the flowers also lying in a bowl look so effortless.
Thank you for always boosting my mood with your blog, I get a true sense of you come through in each.

Fatou said...

Much love back to you! Thank you for your undying support!