Monday, March 19, 2012

Maximalism - Sig Bergaman

It must be a happy coincidence that I found the eye popping house of Brazilian designer Sig Bergaman in the current issue of Architectural Digest. I was in the waiting area of my daughter's ballet rehearsal when I saw the current AD issue. I was immediately captivated when I saw Sig Bergaman's house. It was full of color, art, texture all kinds of visual interest.

I fall somewhere in the happy middle of maximalism and minimalism. Like Goldilocks I like things just right :-). However, I can't help but be impressed and a bit envious when I see someone pull off maximalism perfectly. That's when you see that design is innate, and should come from within, if it feels right for you, it will read that way to the world.

 The African girl in me was immediately drawn to the Louis XV chairs upholstered in the Ghanaian textile. What a great juxtaposition, beautifully bringing two unlikely worlds together.

This bedroom is a happy explosion of patterns. Love that suzanni blanket!

What I love about this closet is the fact that it's the only contemporary space, and compared to the rest of the house minimal, yet you can't help but notice all the colors from the shoes and cloths.

This picture is my absolute favorite from the whole house. I love that extra large art on the wall, with the hand chair placed next to it. I think this entry perfectly sets the tone for this home. Happy Monday all! I hope this home got you energized and ready to take on this week! :-)

(Images: Architectural Digest)


nancy @ {COZAMIA} said...

Oh my goodness...what a colorful and eclectically interesting place! I love all the art, I would slowly snoop through every room in this place!

Fatou said...

There is so much to see. I love his art work too especially the one by the staircase.