Friday, April 27, 2012

Fryd Og Design

Don't you just want to kick yourself when you FINALLY find something oh so wonderful that you can't help but shout out to the world, only to find out that you are the last on the planet to hear about this oh so wonderful something? Well that is what happened with Fryd Og Design. She has been featured on numerous publications and blogs. That is not stopping me though, I was so taken by her work that I too would like to join this love fest.

Jeanette the author of blog Fryd Og Design also has a gorgeous e-magazine that is filled with beautiful spaces, yummy food photos, and inspirational quotes. It is all compiled into a beautiful eye candy of a magazine.

I like the whites mixed with pinks, blues, greens and sparse touches of gold etc. Like me she is a lover of pink, so naturally I couldn't help but be drawn to her work. It really is beautiful! I strongly encourage you to hop on over, and check out more of her lovely magazine and blog. Going through her blog you get a sense of joy from her images, and her words. I can only assume from her writings, but her spaces seem to be a perfect match of her sweet nature.

Have a beautiful weekend!

(Images: Fryd Og Design)

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