Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Corazon - Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

It is absolutely no secret that I am a mega fan of JHID's work. They always bring the unexpected to every project they do. This local (in Portland) Mexican Restaurant is no different. It is set in an industrial building with concrete floors and high ceilings. One of the challenges was making the space feel more intimidate and cozy. The inspiration came from a picture of "a  densely packed Mexican market with dozens of baskets hanging above a walkway." After seeing the whole restaurant I am so curious to see the inspiration image, that led to this awe inspiring space.

I keep trying to figure out a favorite, but there are too many good things going on. One of the beauties of this too, is that it successfully incorporated several strong design elements without them competing. One of the challenges of design, in my opinion, is that sometimes you easily run the risk of having too many good things going on in one space. Sometimes the pairing down process is the hardest thing, because as a designer you get really attached to those great ideas. I love that all these beautiful things are able to stand and shine on their own, but also work very well as a whole. Isn't that tile work amazing!!! The glass pendants are pretty special too - also locally made. 

The hanging ropes and baskets are my favorite elements if I were forced to pick. What do you think? What are you liking most about this space? 

Have a beautiful day!

(Images via: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design)

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